Make your own handbag complete with hidden set of fabric shopping bags you'll never forget!

Next week is the annual 'Zero Waste Week' in the UK - a week to promote awareness and encourage people to stop creating so much waste, to reuse, reduce and recycle.

There are so many ways to reduce the waste you produce - by being more aware of the things you are buying and using.  

One simple thing we can all do, is to say no to single use plastic bags and take our own reusable bags.

A few years ago I made myself a set of reusable fabric bags for my weekly grocery shopping. 

I used these regularly and happily refused around 10 single use plastic bags every week. 
BUT there were times when I forgot my bags, left them at home or in the car and was stuck with another load of those nasty single use plastic bags!
So I designed myself a handbag that has a hidden compartment on the bottom where I store my reusable fabric shopping bags, and now, I never forget them or leave them in the car!

It also has side pockets which contain reusable grocery bags for my fruit and vegetables. 

AND there's also a sneaky handibag inside for any other shopping I happen to do!

I packaged together all these sewing tutorials to share in an e-book so others can make their own complete set of reusable shopping bags too, and never need a single use plastic bag again!

I used old bed linen, net curtains and a pair of old jeans to make my set of bags - so all upcycled and at a cost to me of almost $0 !!  My only expense was my time.

I have priced this e-book very reasonably at just the cost of a cup of coffee to encourage as many people as possible to make their own set of reusable shopping bags. The cost is just
AU $5

So if you'd like to 'share a cuppa' with me and make your own set of reusable shopping bags that you will never forget, then simply email me on to order.
  All the sewing tutorials are as detailed as possible with clear descriptions and lots of photos. 

Happy Sewing!

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