Crochet on Soda Tab Earrings and Bracelet

Last year my daughters and I started to collect soda tabs to try making some bracelets we'd seen on Pinterest. 
Here's some they made.

Pretty nice, but there's only so many you can make, and we still have an ongoing collection of soda tabs in my 'craft stash'. Another thing that needs 'using up

So I thought I'd combine some of my crochet learning with soda tabs, inspired by more things I've seen on Pinterest - where I now have a whole board just for Soda Tab Crafts.

I just started by playing around with some embroidery thread, a small crochet hook and some soda tabs.

Then I joined some of these together, added jump rings and earring hooks and....

 and there I had a nice unusual pair of new earrings!

 Next to try was a bracelet. Again I had no real plan, other than to practise my crochet around the soda tabs.
Once I'd finished a few and joined them together - a little differently to the earrings, I had to find a way to fasten the bracelet.
Another rummage through my stash and I found some old press studs that my mum gave me years ago.

I chose some sew in ones. Nice and simple to attach (even if I did sew one side on upside down initially...oops!).

And pretty soon I had a nice unusual bracelet to go with my new earrings!

I do like my new crochet soda tab jewellery.

What do you think? Would you wear this?

I also tried another kind of soda tab flower, which I tied to a fishtail macrame piece made previously, that could then also be tied as a bracelet.

I'm not so sure about that one.

At least I've used up a little of my stash. Making jewellery isn't going to use it up very quickly though - but I think it's definitely something I will play around with more!

Have you crocheted onto anything interesting or unusual?  Or have you crafted with soda tabs?
I'd love to hear any thoughts or ideas you might have.

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  1. Those are some cute and colorful earrings and bracelets, Jill. You are definitely moving forward with your crochet progress!

    1. Thanks Lynn - I'm getting much more confident with my crochet now! Loving it!

  2. I really like the big metal flower one at the end. Neat ideas, as usual!!!


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