Personalised Gifts - Christmas Shouldn't Cost the Earth

In hand making gifts for Christmas, or indeed for any occasion; one of the best things you can do is personalise that gift.
Something I've made plenty of for gifts is personalised pencil cases with names appliquéd on them.
Here's some I've made:

I often make pencil cases from denim cut from old jeans. the denim is nice and sturdy and helps the pencil case hold its shape, which means you can match it with almost any other kind of fabric.  Zips I reclaim from old clothes and bags, and buy from charity shops. I also bought quite a stash of zips from a small fabric shop in Thailand at a bargain price!
The names I appliqué on using fusible webbing. This is the brand I currently have. I now just buy the cheaper 'less adhesive' version as I just use it to hold the fabric in place and always Stitch around the edges using the appliqué setting on my machine (basically just a tight zig zag).

So for the materials to make these pencil cases, I have everything on hand and feel like they don't cost me anything to make. To be totally honest with myself though, With the cost of a second hand pair of jeans, a scrap of fabric, a zip and enough fusible webbing to make a name; the total cost would maybe be about $2. Still a good bargain I'd say.

So - I've made a couple of pencil cases already as Christmas Gifts.

Both are made from denim from old jeans and some co-ordinating fabric from my stash. I also reused a jeans pocket on each one on the back of the pencil case.

 What's better is that they are light to post, which also helps to save money as postage is really expensive here in Australia.

Adding an appliqué name or initial to a gift is a really simple way to make a gift personal and special. 
Here are some other personalised gifts I have made. Most of them have a tutorial with them to help others make personalised gifts for their family and friends.
Great ideas for Christmas Gifts - and there's still plenty of time to get sewing!

Personalised also doesn't have to mean names - it can also be themed to something the recipient particularly likes - like a book series, a particular animal or even a TV station!

Special TV Station Pillow Case!

Have you made any personalised gifts before?  I'd love to see any you've made and ideas and inspiration for more personalised Christmas gifts to make.

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  1. That are some good ideas, thanks! I particularly like the pencil cases made of jeans, but all the other creations are also awesome. Everyone who got such a gift must have been really glad because no one else on earth has got the same thing. And it is totally made with love.

  2. Great to see you to creating your way to succesess go have ahead
    Happy new year 2018


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