Progress on my Clothes Upcycling Challenge 2015

This year I've set myself a clothes upcycling challenge to upcycle this pile of clothes...
...into things to sell at my girls school carnival this year - to try and show there is a way to fund raise using resources we already have (these clothes were left over from last year's carnival clothes stall) and skills parents are happy to share.  This is after years of frustration with simply being asked to donate money or buy things to donate. To read more about this - and a great discussion in the comments afterwards, you can read my post, 

But getting back to the clothes upcycling. 
I sorted all the clothes into this chest of drawers:

My plan is to work my way through one drawer every two months so that I finish it all by the end of October when the carnival takes place.

My first drawer is now basically complete after the first two months - February and March! Just scraps left - which I will use in future projects.

So now it's onto the next drawer which I need to complete through April and May.

As I did with the last drawer - I have sorted through the clothes and worked out a rough plan of what to make each week. This may change as I get more ideas, but I need to have a plan to get started.

I'm really pleased with my progress on this project - on target for what I want to achieve, and lots of great things made for the stall already! 
If you want to see any details of what I've made already - there are links and tutorials here.

My other challenge this year - to use up my own fabric stash, isn't progressing quite so well.  I've wondered why I'm doing so well with one challenge but not the other, and have decided that a lot of it has to do with a specific goal - and other people are involved.  I'm upcycling the clothes for a clear purpose - there is a definite 'why' and other people that will benefit from this challenge - my girls and their school!

Using up my own fabric stash only has the why of - I've got too much stuff and I need to clear more space. It's not a clear or specific enough goal. I think I shall have to rethink this one and find a clearer purpose so that I can clear this fabric stash.

Did you have plans, challenges and goals for this year?  How are you going with them so far?



  1. Everything for the carnival looks great piled together, Jill. You really are on a roll. Time might be another issue as to why one goal is being achieved before the other. There's only so many hours in a day.

    1. Thanks Pam. I think you're right about time - I could do with an extra 24 hours in a day to get everything done I want!

  2. oh... wow..... u have lot of patience...

    1. Ha Ha! Not always - but it helps that I'm enjoying this challenge!


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