Better storage - a quick fix

This kitchen drawer is ridiculous. Too much stuff (story of my life) and consequently a mess!

The plastic bags you see (greenish in colour) are special bags for the fridge to keep veggies and herbs in to keep them fresh. My mum brought them out from England for me years ago and they work so well - but I'm not very good at folding them after washing them and putting them in the drawer, they tend to get 'stuffed'.

So - for ages now I've been meaning to make a soft bag to hang them in. That way I can just 'stuff' them in the bag when they're clean and dry and they're out of the way.

Finally, this week, I was browsing through my very own Round Tuit Linky party and decided it was time I myself got around to it. That is to making one of those cloth bags with elastic at either end.
It only took me about 10 minutes to make, and now my bags are all tidily hung up in the corner - out of the way.

And my drawer is tidy again!

I've had that idea for months now - shocking that it's taken me so long to do it, especially since it only took 10 minutes!
Plus it used up a little bit of my enormous fabric stash! Always a bonus.

What jobs are you putting off that you could get done in a jiffy!

Come on - time to get A Round Tuit!!

Hee hee!!


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