Stashbusting start

This week I've made a start on my massive fabric stashbusting challenge for the year. 
I'm still catching up from our big holiday and getting the girls back to school, so I wanted to start with something easy.

I sorted my fabric at the end of last year and worked out a rough plan of what to make with things.

This pile of fabrics is ones I'm not so fond of.

I decided to use them to make some fabric wrapping clothes (furoshiki) and fabric gift bags.

I have a wrapping box full of left over gift wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags, old cards to be used as tags - and also some wrapping clothes. We try to keep our gift wrapping environment friendly!

So now we have some more wrapping cloths:

Some simple gift bags which can be tied with ribbons or scrap fabric:

And also a couple of gift tote bags.

At least now this fabric can be put to use, and also prettied up with ribbons, colourful scrap ties - and I also plan to make plenty fabric flowers from my scrap fabric that can be added to our gift wrapping box.

All in all a good start to my stash-busting!
I just need to keep chipping away at the pile - a little each week!

Have you done any stash-busting lately?



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