Upcycled tote bag from clothes

After my successful sock monkey earlier this week, I couldn't resist playing around with some more of the clothes from my upcycle stash.

This time I grabbed a small pair of red jeans, a pair of black trousers and a black and white top.

I used one leg from the red jeans and the waistband for the strap; one leg from the black trousers and most of the top for the lining and made a simple patchwork tote bag.

I tried to incorporate some pockets and seams into the patchwork, but I have to say I'm not really that impressed with the result.

Of course, I learnt when I had a market stall for a while, that sometimes things I made that I really didn't like, sold very quickly to someone who did like them!

Hopefully this design will appeal to someone.

So this bag will go together with the sock monkey and a small tissue holder that I made...
 ..into the start of my upcycled clothes stall for next year's school carnival.  

I've got a year to make things for the stall so plenty of time to play around and come up with some new designs.
Not a bad start though!

Do you ever not like things that you make? 
I don't like this feeling - it's like something is out of place and I know I'll feel unsettled until I make something else I'm proud of!



  1. Absolutely have made things that afterward I wondered what I was thinking-or a big Wow of disappointment that what seemed like a good idea really wasn't! I take pictures of things I did that please me and go look at them to get the inspiration and desire to try something else - again.

    1. Thanks Heather. It's a good idea to focus on the things you do like rather than worrying about those that didn't work out! :)


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