To market, to market! More new bags!

We get all our fruit and vegetables from our local Rusty's markets here in Cairns each weekend.

The supermarket shopping bags we've been using for the past few years were looking a bit worse for wear..

So I raided my stash for some nice tartan fabric for the outside, and some old curtain lining for the inside and made a set of new bags.

They're a good large size so 3 of them fit it all our fruit and veg for the week.

 (these pictures don't show our weekly shop - just what was left in our fruit bowls when I made the bags.)

I also made a new set of produce bags (see tutorial here) from net curtains, since some of our original set seem to have gone missing, and we buy more fruit and veg than we used to so we need more anyway!

I'll salvage what I can from the old bags and at the materials to my stash.
For now - I like our new market bags, which should last us for years to come!

Aside from these - I have my supermarket shopping set, made from old bedding (see tutorial here)

I also have a foldable reusable bag (like this) in each handbag I own, so hopefully I will never need to use plastic bags when I'm out shopping!

Do you avoid plastic bags and use your own bags for your food shopping?



  1. Hi, Jill! Love the choice of tartan for your new bags, it seems like a picnic in progress! Los Angeles has recently passed laws against plastic bags. I bought several Buzz Lightyear totes from the Dollar Store and enjoy using those - people see them and laugh.

    1. Thanks Mich! I can just picture you with Buzz carrying all your shopping for you!! :) That's so great that LA has passed laws against plastic bags. I wish everywhere would do that!

  2. The net bags are a clever idea, Jill. I need to sew some more shopping bags. Yours look great!

  3. Hi JIll! Just today I was searchign for some godo tu on how to make simple tote bags. I would like to start using my own bags when doing shopping, be it clothing or food stuff.
    Thanks for sharing the links!
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    1. Hi Anna!

      The bags are really simple to make - and last a lot longer than plastic ones too!! Hope you manage to make some for yourself!

  4. I'm working on some net bags from those shower scrunchies when they 'explode' and get all floppy. Soak in vinegar to get soap residue off, wash in laundry in a mesh bag a few times and then stitch up into bags. I've got one done - working on more. The only thing i miss the plastic bags for is catching the cat litter to go in the trash - my cat just won't use the flushable stuff and there is no other good way to get rid of that.

    1. Hi Regina

      I love the idea of making bags from those shower scrunchies! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


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