Relaxing sewing!

Yesterday I had my first real sewing day of the year.  I made these pencil and notebook folders with fabric from my stash. 
I used my own tutorial, and since I have made lots of these before, it was a nice relaxing day of sewing!

As I've mentioned before - I'm planning to use my fabric stash this year to make things for my soon to open Madeit shop.  These are the first items to stock the shop.  I plan to sew something each week - probably from my own tutorials.

It was nice to just sew and not have to remember to take photos of each step, or figure out how to make something.

I will make more tutorials this year - but with over 100 of my own now available here on my website , I figure I've earned a break for a while.

I like the idea of choosing something to make each week, and although I'm going to list things for sale in my Madeit shop, I'm not really focussing on promoting it.  It'll be good to stock up on handmade gifts for birthday parties my girls get invited to. Plus I'm helping my girls set up their own Madeit shop for things they make - so it's all about helping them.
At this stage, if I sell anything through it - it's a bonus!!
(of course having said all that, I will post a link when I get the shop set up in the next couple of days!)

So nice to be doing things for a purpose, but without any pressure. (I hope that makes sense).

I feel overall more relaxed this year, happy to be continuing sewing and blogging, but feeling less pressured to focus so much on growing the blog.

Happy days!


  1. Sounds like a great day of no-stress creativity. Love the pirate fabric!

  2. Cute! I just pinned the original tutorial to my new sewing board on Pinterest. I'd love to have you join!


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