Back into sewing - another new bag!

Today is the second day of my girls being back at school after a long nine and a half weeks of summer holiday.  I have hardly sewn anything over the holidays - despite lots of plans to sew with my girls - sunshine and swimming pools kind of took over!!

So - today I was determined to dust off my sewing machine and get back to it!

Last year, I made both my girls bags for school swimming lessons - from old umbrellas:

They loved them last year, but this year, they have outgrown them!
So my youngest found a bag from a swimming carnival that she wants to use - but my eldest wanted me to make her a new one!!Yippee!!

So that's what I did this morning!

I used my own pattern for duffel bags - and made the 'handbag size' one.

She already has a set of these personalised bags that she uses for other things, so I knew she liked the style.
For the swimming bag I used some rip-stop nylon that I had in my stash so that it's waterproof enough to keep the rest of her school books etc dry when this bag gets stuffed into her larger main school bag!
I lined it with the contrasting purple that I'd used for the handles and the monogram letter.

I also added a little clip - from an old backpack strap - and have the other connecting part kept safe so I can attach it to a smaller bag - perhaps a small purse or goggles case - another time!

I'm pleased with how it turned out and I'm sure my daughter will love it too when she gets home from school today!
It's just the right size for a towel, swimmers and goggles - with a little room to spare too!

It feels good to be sewing something again!  And nice to know I haven't forgotten how!


  1. That's a lovely duffel. Well done!

  2. Great job Jill! Looks great and it's useful to boot!

  3. Love it - especially the colours... one of my favourite combinations.

    I have to get back in to my crafting and sewing too, and in a rush really as I am off with mum to see one of her crafty friends on Sunday and today mum told me she thought it would be nice if I took some examples of what I do with me... crumbs... I recognise when a suggestion is to acted upon... eek... I foresee a couple of busy days ahead!

    1. Thanks Rae! and good luck with some quick crafting to show off your skills to your mum's friend!! :)

  4. Hi, Jill - beautiful work! Your girls are so lucky to have a resident custom bag designer. If only you lived at my house!

    Oh, man, you got a ton of spam comments on this post! Is your blogger spam filter set? Mine catches these really well and they never post to my blog. (Grrrr, I hate 'em so much! I just want to slap every one of these punks across the face.)

    1. Thanks Michelle! It's good to be back into the sewing!
      I don't know what's happening with the spam - the past few weeks a lot has been getting through my filter - don't know why - I'm seriously considering putting the captcha thing back on as it's getting so bad!

  5. These bags are beautiful, your creations are always spectacular. There is only one thing I can say, you did a beautiful job.
    Another thing, I'm going crazy as well with the spam messages, I will have to reset the verification code, I took it out, to make it easier to comment on the blog, but I am considered the fact of turn it back on!

  6. La bolsa es espectacular, los colores contrastan bien. El diseño es fresco, dinámico, lleno de vida. Me encanta tu bolsa.


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