Furoshiki - best enviro-friendly wrapping ever!

After my mum and dad's visit this year from the UK, they left behind our Christmas gifts - all wrapped up and ready to put under our tree.
When we put the tree up and I sorted through the gifts, I noticed that Mum had wrapped some in Christmas fabric instead of wrapping paper!

I love this idea of using fabric instead of paper. We have a few of these 'furoshiki' cloths in our Birthday wrapping box which we use for family birthday gifts, then put them back in the box for the next time! No ripped paper, no sellotape and no waste!

Now I'm eyeing up this Christmas fabric Mum has used to wrap our gifts!  Do you think my kids will let ME keep the wapping?  Knowing my girls - they will snaffle the fabric straight away!  At least my gift is fabric wrapped too!

Now if you haven't heard of furoshiki before - it's basically just this - wrapping things in fabric. It is a nifty Japanese idea from old times, and you can wrap anything you like with them.

So if you want to be eco-friendly with your wrapping this year! Try a furoshiki!


  1. Sounds like you are almost ready for Christmas. I still have a lot left to do as I've left a lot of it to the last minute.

    Mary Albert
    Hearing Aid Reviews Consultant.

  2. I like this idea!! Very innovative!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh how I love the bicycle tree...so cool!!
    And using fabric to wrap pressies is a wonderful idea!!

  4. oh i love this fabric idea less mess to clean up afterwards and you can use it over and over again i have just always used paper, something else to consider

  5. Hooray for furoshiki! I'm so glad to hear that your mum uses it! It is fun, and SO much faster and easier than wrapping in paper. We have a little business making and selling it, and have some fun how-to ideas on our website: http://www.luluwraps.com

  6. Great post I love Furoshiki, and if you can't get hold of cloths everyone can find silk/polyester scarves in thrift stores/op shops then the receiver can keep that as part of the gift.


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