Scrappy Friday - a red bag!

Perhaps going a litle 'bag-crazy', I made another one this week with my next colour coded scrap box to be sorted - red! ( I cheated this time and used my black box too!)
I made it a little bigger than the other two - there are times when I need a bag that can fit in a couple of little water bottles, a snack, and a few other things aside from just my purse, phone and keys!

Here it is:

Although it doesn't show up in this photos- the middle plain red stripe is actually sparkly! (I love anything that sparkles!)
Here's an outside view in the sunshine..

And all three scrap bags so far - purple, blue and red/black!

I'm on a roll with these and it's helping me sort through my scraps with a project for each colour!
Do you think a girl can have too many bags?  Surely I should be prepared for any occasion and outfit?
How many bags do you have?


  1. The bags are gorgeous Jill. Love that red one. Great way to use up your scraps too.

  2. The newest one is totally summery!!

  3. Your bags turned out fantastic-- so cute! And I love that you made them from scraps! i've been trying to come up with some creative uses for my fabric scraps as well. As for how many bags I have? Too many! LOL

  4. These are all turning out great! I love this one, reminds me of ladybirds <3

  5. I love the purple bag! That is so gorgeous.

  6. All three are great, and the collection looks so good together!


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