Scrappy Friday

I'm on a mission this year to try and use up at least some of my scrap fabric, which is taking up rather a lot of storage space.  I do want to make things with a purpose though!

This week I wanted to try out a mini version of something I made a few weeks ago..

Some mini pencil and notebook folders.
They use up the left over card from the larger versions, and of course, some of my scraps!

The pencils are ones that have been worn down from so much use, and the notebooks are scrap paper (mostly old letters and notices from school) and backed with card from a cereal box, then all sewn together with some wool.  So a lovely project to use things up!

They're nice and small to slip in my handbag for keeping the girls amused when waiting for things!

I think they'd make nice small gifts too!

What do you think?

UPDATE - I now have a tutorial for making these mini pencil and notebook folders. 
Go here for that tutorial.



  1. oh my goodness, i love those! i keep a notepad and a few pens in every purse/bag. you never know when you'll get a new idea, or a book/movie suggestion, and i need to write those down! what a great way to use what you've got, too!

  2. Ha!!! Using the short used pencils in a mini notebook is GENIUS!!!! And your notebook folders are sheer cuteness, of course. Love this idea!

  3. Those are great! I need to make a few for my kids. I am also on a mission to use up some scraps this year!

  4. I think they are adorable...well done!

  5. great idea! thanks for swinging by my blog to say hi!

  6. those are great, I make a bigger version for a 5 *7 notebook, love the idea!


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