Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy

Here as promised are the dress up pictures of my daughters book day at school.

This is who she wanted to dress up as.....

So with a little help from my Mum, and some inspiration from Polka Dot Daze and her beautiful mermaid costumes
this is what we came up with...

I wanted it to be an easy costume for her to take on and off herself. So the skirt is just a basic rectangle with the ruffles along the bottom, and velcro along the waistband, so she can just wrap it around her like a sarong. And the top is just another rectangle of the sparkly material with a couple of handstitches in the top to attach it to one of her 'boob tube' tops.

She loved it and wore it lots at home before the big day at school!

Then today we got to add the green hair to it all!


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