The Kathryn Bag

Several years ago I created this bag - The Kathryn Bag, named after my Mum and a photo I have of her when she was a little girl where she had a large fabric bow in her hair - just like the one on the front of this bag!

 The original bag I made (red and white - shown above) was claimed by my older daughter. But a few times recently my younger daughter has borrowed this bag to go shopping.
Since she liked the style of it, I thought she'd like one of her own!

My daughter chose the fabrics she wanted from my stash.  I had a pair of jeans - bought from a charity shop for $1! and some cute Eiffel Tower fabric given to me by a friend.

When I got my pattern pieces out to cut the bag, it was nice to find I'd used my girls' old paintings from Kindy!  A great way to 'use what you've' got and keep those memories!

Fortunately the pattern fitted into the jeans legs - the main bag parts from one leg, and the base and strap from the other leg!

I'm really pleased with how this bag turned out, and how easy it was to follow the pattern - having not looked at it in years!

And here's the inside, with two pockets - one zipped and the other just a simple slip-in pocket.

Best of all my daughter likes it too!

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  1. I love how your pattern pieces were cut from the girls' artwork. A lovely bag, Jill.

  2. Thanks Pam. It's a while since I'd made this pattern, so a lovely surprise when I got the pattern pieces out - I'd forgotten the art work!!


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