Teddy Bear House Trophy - an upcycle project

A few weeks ago I made a few teddy bears from my daughter's old school sports uniforms. One of these is to be the Junior School House Trophy for a recycling competition my daughter set up this year.

The teddy itself is a cute trophy, yes..

But he needed something extra to show which house is the winner of the trophy each year.

So my daughter and I went out shopping for some ribbon in house colours. We thought we could tie a bow around his neck depending on which house wins.

But I didn't want the extra ribbons each year to go missing. So I got out some scraps from my daughter's old school dresses...

And made him a little backpack to keep his extra ribbons in.

So now this teddy can stay as a trophy each year - and just change his ribbon bow depending on the winning house.

I think it's quite a unique trophy and very suited to a recycling competition considering what he's made of!
What do you think?

Have you ever made a trophy? Or an unusual competition prize?

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  1. Awesome, Jill and great idea to add the little backpack so the ribbons don't get lost.

  2. You have so great ideas, I like all the accesories you added to Teddy!


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