Woven Denim Drinks Coaster - a jeans upcycle

This week I was sorting through my used denim stash from past jeans upcycle projects. I have a lot of scraps.

I keep every part of the jeans, and one thing I have a lot of is jeans seams.
All I've used these for so far is for attaching keyrings, like this.

So when I saw a picture of woven seams coasters the other day, I knew I'd found something to make with my seams stash!

I used this tutorial from Simple Things Notebook. All I changed was that I cut 7 strips for both directions of the weave. (The tutorial says to cut 7 for one way and only 5 for the other).

The coasters were very simple and quick to make.
Simply cut the strips of seams.

Stitch one lot of 7 strips together down one side

Then stitch them on the other side too.

Then weave your other 7 strips through between your outer stitching lines.

Stitch around the outside of your outer strips, along the stitch lines already on the seams.

Then Trim the edges just outside of the lines you just stitched.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. I made 4 coasters out of the smaller lengths of  blue jean seams that I had.

Then I tried a couple with strips of jeans hems that I had saved. They worked just as well.

And three more with seams from other coloured jeans.

I like the blue jeans ones best myself. 
My youngest daughter came home and claimed the blue coloured one. (She didn't seem to mind that I wasn't very good at the colour placing with that one!)

I still have some small seam scraps, and several longer pieces of jeans seams left over. More jeans seams projects will follow!

For now though - I'm going to enjoy using my new denim coasters!

Have you ever made anything with the seams from jeans?

What do you think of these coasters?  Worth saving seams for?

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  1. These look wonderful!! I love the color and texture of the denim seams! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow evening that features your tutorial: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/?p=88322 --Anne

    1. Thank you so much Anne! You're too kind! :)

  2. I love the small denim seam coasters, Jill. Did you have any trouble sewing through the multiple layers of fabric? The hem coasters look good, too, and would be easier to sew I would think. Time for me to start saving seams and hems.

    1. Thanks Pam. No trouble at all sewing through the seams. It's only 2 seams at once and the denim needle coped just fine with it! The hems were a little thinner and you need less to make the coasters as they are a bit wider than the seams too.

  3. Aren't you the smart one, Jill! Those coasters are really cute.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. Can't take credit for the idea itself though - Pinterest is a marvellous sharer of ideas and inspiration!!

  4. Ooh, those are really cool! I love the look of the multiples blues crisscrossed.

  5. Oh thank-you, thank-you! What a great idea! I just knew those things were handy for some reason. Just wondering if I can get my machine to stitch through those. If not, I guess there is always the glue gun?

    1. Hi Joy. I used a denim needle on my machine and it stitched through them no trouble at all!

  6. I love weaving things. We have done it with newspaper before but I've never thought to weave fabric. Jeans seams would have a really substantial feel to them and be perfect as quality coasters.

    Thank you for sharing with me at #Trash2Treasure

  7. Thanks Fiona - yes the fabric is perfect for coasters! These were so easy to make and we're already using them daily!

  8. Lovely denim coasters, Jill! And what an awesome way to get these seam leftovers into use, I love it! I am curious how'd look and might try this weaving on clothing, it looks very attractive texture;) Thanks for the clear instructions too.

    1. Thanks Mariana! OOh - this weave on clothing sounds interesting. Would love to see it if you try!


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