My daughter the designer!

This morning my younger daughter (aged 10) told me she wants to be a designer. After sketching a couple of skirts and hinting that I could make what she designs, I suggested she tried bags or pencil cases (I'd much rather attempt that than sewing clothes!).
So this is what she came up with this morning:

Before she left for school, I got her to choose the fabrics and notions she wanted from my stash.

And then I set to work!

The purple velvet she chose for her name didn't show up as clear as I wanted against the darkish background, so I did my applique stitching around the edges in white to make it stand out more.

She also found a button that she wanted to add to the bow!

I started out with the back of the pencil case.

But I struggled with the shiny green fabric she'd chosen for the pockets. They ended up too small and not exactly straight.

So I looked in my stash for...a pair of green jeans! and used the back pockets from those instead!

In the end - I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I think I followed her design quite well.
Just hope she likes it when she comes home!

This also reminded me of something that Maya designed and made a few years ago:

This is definitely something I need to encourage more of!

I had a lot of fun with this, and hope that both my girls will design more things to make - and make things for themselves too!

Have you ever made things that your kids have designed? Or got them to make things for themselves?


  1. That is so awesome, Jill! You are a fairy sewmother, I bet she was over the moon to come home and find it done.

    1. Thanks Mich! Yes, she was very excited when she came home. She filled the pencil case up and took it to school the very next day. She's already designing more things for me to make!

  2. That is really cool - you certainly have an excellent designer there... clearly talent runs in the family

  3. This turned out great Jill. I love these types of projects!


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