How to make a macrame board

Recently I've started to learn macramé. So far I've only tried a little..

 I haven't got very far yet, but the first thing I've found it that you need something to hold your threads firmly when you're working.  So far my girls and I have just been using a clipboard, but I had this idea a couple of weeks ago and finally got a round to making it!

This is also day 2 of my Use What You've Got challenge!
So I've only used things I already had in my craft room!

I started with a canvas picture that we've had for years. My husband's not particularly fond of it and it was just gathering dust on the top of a cupboard. So it's good to have found a use for it!

I also used some plain fabric, some jeans pockets and some buttons.

First I cut a piece of the plain fabric a little larger than the canvas.

I double turned the edges over and stitched, just to neaten them.

Next I placed the plain fabric centrally over the front of the canvas and laid out my pockets and buttons as I would like them.

Then all I had to do was stitch on the buttons..

And stitch around the pockets to secure them in place. I used the applique setting on my machine for this.

Finally, I stretched the fabric over the canvas and used my staple gun to secure it in place at the back.

And that's it!

I can keep threads in the pockets, 

some safety pins anywhere on the board, 

and in the larger pocket I have a pair of scissors and a friendship bracelet 'wheel':

I can now attach the threads I'm working on to either the buttons, or use the safety pins. The board rests nicely on my lap as I work!

Now I just need to start practising more macramé!
I have lots of ideas and tutorials on my Macrame Pinterest Board already, but I would love it if anyone could suggest any links, tutorials or projects for a beginner to try!

Do you do macramé? How do you secure your threads? Do you have a macramé board?

I'll be linking this project to many of the fabulous linky parties whose pretty buttons can be found on the bottom of this page and whose direct links can be found on my linky party page.


  1. Love it! I'm with your hubby on this one - that picture was ready for its new life. This is a great idea and uses up lots of stuff!

    1. Ha! Well I quite liked the picture, but it seems I'm in the minority - and I have to say I like my new board more! :) Thanks Mich!!

  2. Fab idea! Very useful board I usually end up with the safety pin fastened to the knee of my jeans, then have to undo it if I need to move far! I'm now looking for a frame I can cover.

    1. Thank you! Yep, I tried it pinned to my jeans too!! Then when it came to showing my girls, they were wearing shorts...... :)

  3. This is awesome and so creative! I love how you added pockets for storage. Stopping over from Create, Simplify, Inspire.
    Thanks for sharing!


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