Fabric basket from jeans leg

After making my daughter's messenger bag the other day from an old pair of jeans - I was looking at what was left over and wondering what to do with it..

First thing I decided to try was with the remaining intact leg - a fabric basket from Pam's tutorial over at Threading My Way.
Lovely simple baskets - and a clearly explained tutorial!

I decided to stick with the same co-ordinating cat fabric I used for the messenger bag - since it was out already!

And it's a perfect little basket for holding my creams etc on my bedside desk:

I still have some more denim left from this pair of jeans - so I'll keep going and make some more things...



  1. Looks great, Jill. Thanks for the link back. There can't be much left of that pair of jeans, now.

    1. Ha ha - not much left now, but I'm determined to use up every last scrap!

  2. Hi Jill
    I came by to take another look at this awesome creation of yours. You have a lot of wonderful jean creations. If you have time I'd love to have you drop by my link party and share a few of your things with everyone. I'm a jean person too, I love making bags and things.

    1. Thanks Angel - I've just been over to link up to your lovely party!

  3. Hi Jill, I featured your jeans basket yesterday...


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