Thursday, January 24, 2013

Learning to crochet - a little progress!

This year I've decided to learn to crochet - and also to teach my daughters along the way!
We're still at the very beginning - practising lots of chains!

I've now also learned slip stitch and double crochet - and am just playing around with them for now..

My attempts are slowly starting to look a little neater...

I'm excited to see I'm learning - and my youngest daughter has really taken to it and is practising lots playing around with this too!

Are you learning a new skill this year?  How are you going with it?

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  1. Oh yay! You'll be crocheting lots of cool stuff in no time. This year I'm going to attempt quilting ...

    1. Thanks Fay! And good luck with your quilting too!

  2. Great, Jill! LOve how it's turning out :) All the best!!! :)Anna

  3. Good on you! Love seeing people learn to crochet!

  4. Good luck on your crocheting. It's definitely something that I want to learn eventually.

  5. Hi Jill, once you learn these basic points, you will see that you can start creating a myriad of projects, initially takes practice, but I think you already have it!! Congratulations on your progress!
    What I would like to learn this year is to knit, I know only the bare minimum to make a scarf, let's see what I can add to my knowledge this year.
    Marisa from


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