Chair repair!

Yesterday I got around to fixing one of our camping chairs that broke a while ago...
Some parts had ripped, and the backing was starting to disintegrate and leave blue 'confetti' anywhere we set up the chairs!!'

Now these are really cheap chairs - you can buy them for just $7, but I hate the idea of throwing anything away that can be fixed.  We really do live in a throw-away society, where things aren't made to last, and our kids are growing up saying, 

"Oh well, not to worry, we can just buy a new one!" 

when something breaks. I think this fosters a lack of respect for 'things' and it really annoys me!

OK - so now I've had my mini rant, back to fixing up the chair!

I took it apart first, to see what I was working with and what was possible...

Basically the frame was fine - just the fabric that was ripped and the backing disintegrating!
So I just cut out a couple of pieces of thick corduroy fabric and pinned them over the backing to stop the 'shedding'!

Then I put a thicker denim needle on my machine to stitch it all into place - and also patched up any other ripped bits I could see.
Then simply fitted it back onto the frame!

One chair fixed!

And it even has a pretty backing now!

Our other 3 camping chairs aren't ripped, but are shedding the blue backing, so I think I'll add extra covering fabric to those too! Perhaps a different fabric for each one - personalise them a bit!

What have you fixed lately? - rather than throw away and buy a new one?

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  1. Not only have you saved something going into landfill, you've jazzed up the chair. Great job, Jill!

  2. I hope I didn't throw my broken one away already! I have exactly the same problem. I hope you’ll link this up today (or anytime this weekend) at One Creative Weekend on I'm here from searching for your linky party! When I find it, I'll be linking up.

  3. I admire your willingness to fix rather than toss. Also, it is a clever way to personalize the chairs. Good job!

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    1. Hi Jessica

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