Fishy quilt progress in My Creative Space

Over the past couple of weeks I've been showing you my progress on my first ever attempt at a quilt, using a bag of scraps of Great Barrier Reef fabric that I was given.

Well I've now finished the front!! Yippee!!

After much shuffling around of pieces..

Stitching and unpicking...and only a few fish ended up swimming upside-down!
It may not be very symmetrical, but it's ....interesting!

And so I'm up to the 'flimsy' quilting stage! (thanks to Michele from Michele made me for teaching me that phrase!!) - in her words: 
A flimsy is the as-yet unsandwiched, unquilted, yet completed quilt top

So here's my 'flimsy' quilt:

Now to the middle and back of the quilt!
I rummaged through my stash and found lots of bits of fleece - just enough to piece together for the right size!

Hopefully by next week I'll have a finished quilt to show!
That is if I can manage the binding....

To see what others have been up to in their creative spaces this week, grab a cuppa and head on over here.


  1. All those pieces!! Quilts always amaze me, beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Mel - it's certainly a good way to use up scraps!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gwen! Yes it is, although I have to say I'm not following the quilting instructions and rules I've found very well! Kind of doing it my way...

  3. Looks fabulous, Jill!!! This quilt so reminds me of my visits to your beautiful part of the world. Love the way you've added the orange... seems to make the blue more blue. You'll finish your first quilt before I do...

    1. Thanks Pam! It's a bit of a mish mash of my scraps that matched - and nothing quite looked symmetrical - but I figure that just adds to the charm! I'm actually enjoying the process and embracing the flaws!!
      Looking forward to seeing how yours is coming along too!

  4. Hello Jill,
    Your work is not looking great... it looks superb and unique!

  5. Looks fabulous...what a fun quilt!

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