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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to make an iPod/MP3 player holder for exercising in 5 steps and 15 mins

A lot of people like to listen to their music when exercising. 
I've seen some fancy armband holders for them  - but there's no need to buy one if you have an old t-shirt! Why not make your own - for free!

Here's how in 5 simple steps and no more than 15 mins!

1. Take an old t-shirt or knit fabric top, scissors and a tape measure

2. Measure around your upper arm:

And the length of your iPod or MP3 player plus 3cm (1.2") on either side.

3. Cut a piece of t-shirt material,
Width = same as the measurement around your arm
Height = 2x the measurement you took of your iPod/MP3 player

If you cut from the bottom hem of the t-shirt then that side is already finished!

4. Turn and stitch the other long end (opposite the hem) to neaten

Then fold the rectangle in half - right sides together and unfinished raw edges together.
Pin and stitch.

5. Turn the tube you have made right side out:

Then push half the tube up inside itself to form a pocket for your music player

Slide up onto your arm, pop in your music player and get started on your workout!!

You could even make different colours to suit your workout clothes!!

For the downloadable PDF version of this tutorial, click here.

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Of course this project doesn't have to be made from an old t-shirt - you could choose some gorgoeus new knit fabric - and for a great selection there's no better place to visit than
The Fabric Fairy

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  1. Super easy and cute!

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  3. I just used this tutorial (found via craft gossip) to make a quick arm band holder for my phone. It literally took 10 minutes (would have taken less but my 2 year old was "helping" me) and works great! Thanks!

    1. Glad it worked out so well Anne!!

  4. I just used a pair of holy leggings to make it :) cut a piece from the leg so it was already a tube, just sewed along the top with both ends together (leaving a hole for the ipod to go into). then sewed down each side of the ipod so it stays in one spot. Very happy with it :D

    1. Great idea to use leggings too Diana! Glad yours worked out well!

  5. Replies
    1. Not at all Larissa! Pin away! :)

  6. Doesn't it slide down your arm as you run?

    1. Hi Andrea! No, it stays up just fine! If you find it slides then you need to make it a little smaller/tighter. I've never had a problem with mine! :)

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  8. I also put in some hand stitches to frame the outside of my iPod so it doesn't wiggle around. I love mine!

  9. That is awesome! I'm a diabetic, and I used this for my insulin pump so I didn't have to wear a belt all the time, and it works perfectly!(No hating, my kind of diabetes is a genetic disorder.)

  10. I've been looking to buy one here lately, now i dont have to. i can make one, Thanks so much for this idea.

  11. Wow!!! What a good idea!! Do you have some video to show how to do this?

    1. Sorry, no video for this - but I might do that for future tutorials! :)

    2. It's ok. I really like this idea!! Save me lots of money!!


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