Upcycled t-shirts

At moment I'm spending a lot of time finding ways to upcycle clothes.  Today I decided to do something with some old t-shirts and this is what I came up with:
A coaster....

....bracelets (inspired by Ms not so perfect - who made these and linked them to my Monday Round Tuit linky party - AND my upcycling clothes page! Go and check hers out too!)

And a fabric necklace!

This is what I started with...

The arms of the smaller stripy shirt were cut and stretched for the bracelets..

Then strips from the main body of the t-shirts were cut for the braided things.

Three strips of different colours together - just tie them together with a knot at the top, wedge the knot into a draw to hold firmly, and plait (braid) away!

Tie a knot to finish off the other end, then wind the plait (braid) around on a flat surface to form a circle.

Then use a needle and thread to secure it all into place!

I've barely used any of these t-shirts - could make lots of these!  Maybe a full set of coasters - or maybe just some more circles to add as embellishments!
What do you think?

Do you have any clothes upcycled projects?  If you do, I'd love if you linked them to my clothes upcycling page linky.  It's not just a weekly linky - so will stay up long term for people to come and visit.  I'm also looking to try out some of the projects that get linked up myself - and so feature and shout out to those who link up!  I have a MASSIVE pile of clothes to upcycle - as I'm sure plenty of others have too!  So come on - llink up and share all your fabulous ideas!


  1. Love the colors. I have a weakness for pink and red together.

  2. Fantastic! I love the braiding, I've been wanting to give that a try..

  3. Great colors! the giant pendant is adorable - I love the red bail at the top. I am getting inspired...

  4. Great ideas to recycle. Found you on the link party. Nice work.

  5. love them all, the colors a great too. the necklace is very funky! thanks for sharing this at my party!


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