Upcycled Paris T-shirt Pillow

Over the last coupld of weeks I've been working my way through my stash of t-shirts to be upcycled. Last week I made a t-shirt quilt with most of the t-shirts I've kept belonging to my daughters.
However, this pink t-shirt that my elder daughter recently grew out of was a little bit special so I saved it to do something different with.

I had the idea of a pillow in mind, so found some old sheeting from my stash and an old squished pillow.

The pillow was torn and lumpy. So I took the stuffing out, fluffed it up and made a new pillow just the right size for putting inside the t-shirt.

Then I simply turned the t-shirt inside out, stitched across the top of the design on the t-shirt and cut off the neck and sleeves.

Then all that remained was to slip in the pillow and add fastenings.
I found these stitch on press-studs in my stash, that my mum brought out from the UK several years ago from her stash.

A nice simple project, to preserve one of my daughter's favourite t-shirts.

A simple upcycle and more of my stash used up!

Do you have any t-shirts in your stash?
What are you planning to do with yours?
Maybe you can find some inspiration on my

And for lots more upcycling ideas, please take a look at my Upcycling Tutorials Page


  1. I think you've gotten off to an excellent start on your "de-stashing" project, Jill. I have a couple of "destination" t-shirts like this that have essentially never been worn, so would probably look good as decorative pillows... thanks for the idea!

  2. Thanks Rochelle! I feel like I'm getting somewhere with my stash - looking forward to the next thing I'm tackling!


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