Eco Friendly Shopping bags - the perfect Christmas Gift!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday to see that one of the pattern testers for my new e-book posted about it on her blog.
Niki from Roonie Ranching shows the gorgeous bags she made from the patterns and tutorials in my e-book.
She was such a big help as a pattern tester and I'm flattered she wrote such a nice post about my book,
 so THANK YOU Niki!

Go here to see her post

I also have to mention another lovely lady at Wesens Art who bought my ebook, made the bags and posted about them too, THANK YOU!!

Go here to see that post

My e-book would make a great Christmas present for someone who sews.

It includes 5 sewing patterns/tutorials to make a selection of eco-friendly upcycled bags to use for shopping. Helping to reduce the use of those nasty plastic bags.

It's the perfect gift that gives that little bit more!

Happy sewing and upcycling!



  1. I love what others are creating with your pattern Jill, such a great design! :o)

    1. Thanks Michelle - it's so nice to see my pattern come alive in so many different colours, fabrics and variations!

  2. Wow, you've been busy, Jill. I love the idea of your ebook, and you're donating to such a good cause. Well done!

    1. Thanks Agy! Now it's all finished and published, I've just got to learn how to sell more! :)


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