A Crochet Snake. Day 81, Use What You've Got

I've been helping my daughter out with her crochet learning. She started a while ago but has got a little stuck on the basic chains.

Getting past the chains and onto the next step is proving a challenge for her that she's avoided. I'm trying to help her get past this because she wants to make little amigurumi, and I know she'd be great at them once she's over this small hurdle!

As we sat the other day, I crocheted this little snake. We did have a pattern, but I lost count and my place in the pattern lots, so in the end I just made it up as I went along so I could still talk and help my daughter as I crocheted!

I think he turned out quite cute! And my daughter loves him!

Now I just have to help her persist so she can create her own little woolie characters!

We have plenty of wool to play around with - so this is a good 
"Use What You've Got" 

Does anyone have any suggestions of simple crochet that I can do with my daughter to help her build her confidence beyond the chains?



  1. Funny! I crocheted a snake once too (for my snake loving daughter). Tip: add some iron wiring

    1. What a gorgeous snake!! Love how yours has different colours and curves around!!


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