30 Lessons in Blogging, Day 80, Use What You've Got

One of my big projects for my "Use What You've Got" challenge was to organise all the resources I have on my blog and I've just finished doing a big part of this!

Over the past 4 years I've learned a lot about blogging itself and have spent September putting together this knowledge into a series of 30 Lessons, covering everything from social media to how often to post and ways to make money from your blog.

These lessons are now complete and organised onto one page here on my blog as a free resource available to anyone who is interested:

I don't claim it to be a complete blogging course but there is a lot of knowledge and information packed in there which I hope will be of use to other Bloggers.

Over the years I have benefited so much from other Bloggers who have generously shared their knowledge and experiences - now it's my turn to share!

Happy Blogging!


  1. Thank you. It was a helpful series. I got a lot of good pointers from it.

    1. Thanks Judee. Glad the info was of interest to you!!

  2. Hi Jill I am visiting from Creations by Kara.You are a doll for sharing this info. I can't wait to start learning from your post. Thanks for sharing.


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