Willpower! - Day 67, Use What You've Got

In this 100 day challenge I've set myself to 'Use What I've Got" I've decided that I need to start using my willpower more.

This year I've really been pushing myself to keep exercising lots and have felt fitter and healthier than ever.  I'm running faster and stronger than ever before and earlier this year I dropped a few kilos too which was a nice by product of all my hard work.  

A winter cold

However - over the past couple of months I was sick, then had a lingering irritating cough and blocked sinuses which meant I cut back on my exercise lots - and ate a lot more comfort food.  The weight has crept back and my fitness levels have dropped.

All better now!

Yesterday I went for a run and for the first time in weeks I didn't cough once during it. I pushed hard and was exhausted at the end but it felt good.

I have a half marathon that I'm training for coming up in just over 7 weeks time, so I've decided it's time to get back into some full on training and being a bit more careful with what I eat.

My weakness

I may have a strong will when it comes to pushing myself to exercise - run and workout. But when it comes to food, I'm not so strong.

Working from home - I can grab a snack so easily whenever I want - and frequently do throughout the day!

I also love to bake - and we almost always have home-baked cakes and cookies in the house.  I'm also guilty of licking the bowls out after I've mixed the cakes and taste-tasting the cookies etc when they come out of the oven.

So - here's where my willpower comes in.

I need to stop all the unnecessary snacking - especially when I bake.

Yesterday and today I baked cakes and managed to rinse the bowls and put them in the dishwasher without even a tiny taste of the cake or cookie mixture first.

I'm trying very hard to snack on better things, like some fresh pineapple.

And drinking plenty of water - often spiced up with some lemon ice-cubes.

A healthy weight

I'm not overweight but I'm right at the top end of the scale of what is healthy for my height.   I've never been overly concerned about my weight - preferring to concentrate on feeling fit and healthy. Exercising regularly and trying to eat well.
However I am a little over what I usually weigh and can feel my clothes are a bit tight!

I'm also aware that losing a few kilos would make running a bit easier for my body - and faster too, so that's an added incentive to work that willpower when it comes to food from now on!

So there - I've put it out there.
I weigh 69kg now, but should be much closer to 60kg than 70kg!  

I need to learn to cut smaller pieces of cake!!

What's your weakness?
Do you have a willpower? Do you use it much?


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