What's the focus of your blog? - 30 lessons in blogging

I've been blogging now for 4 years and have learned so much in that time as my blog has slowly grown. It's still got a lot of growing to do, but I am enjoying some success both financially and personally through my blog, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on and share what I've learned about blogging over the years. So throughout September, each day I'll be sharing one of my

 30 lessons in blogging

I hope they will be of some interest and help to other bloggers!

When readers come to your site for the first time, they've generally come to see a particular post that has piqued their interest.  Ideally, when they arrive at your blog, they will find plenty more similar content that will keep them browsing and make them want to come back for more and perhaps even tell others about your blog.

If the focus of your blog is clear - then readers know why they come to your blog and why they want to come back.

My story
Over the years, my blog has encompassed many topics and posts. It has evolved with me, my skills and interests. However, the more I learn and look at turning my blog into a profitable business, I realise the importance of having a clear topic and focus.

How did I find my focus?
For me, I have found the focus of my blog over time by doing what I enjoy, and posting about that.  The more I've done of it, the clearer the common threads have become of what I do and what my blog is about. Themes have appeared over and over again, and although I do share other parts of my life - my family, fitness, the occasional recipe; there is a common theme has become clearer and clearer over time.

 My blog has always been a place to chart my sewing adventures and sewing is still the major part of my blog - with over 100 of my sewing tutorials now available for free right here. 
However, I don't claim to be an expert on sewing - there is always more to learn.  Where I do believe my strength lies is in teaching and inspiring.  I love hearing from people who have used my tutorials and seeing the pictures of things they have made.

But again, it's not just the sewing tutorials that I want to be the focus of my blog. There are far bigger sites than mine that provide an enormous number of sewing tutorials. I can't and don't want to compete with those blogs.
 More and more I have recognised that my favourite sewing projects are those where I can upcycle or reuse other materials to make something new.  I love the challenge of using my creativity to make something new and incorporate old materials. I'm also endlessly inspired myself by all kinds of upcycles - not only sewing.

The title of my blog is the biggest indicator of the basis of my blog. It's all about being creative - and how I'm using that to strive towards my own success - be that financial reward or personal satisfaction in what I'm doing.

I believe that when you find exactly what it is you are passionate about and love to do - then you have the focus of your blog.

So to get back to our 3 important questions -
 how have I answered them?

  • What is your blog about - Creating things, particularly through sewing that are useful and practical. Teaching and inspiring others to use their own creativity, and in particular to use the supplies and resources they already have. Hence the tagline in my blog header:  "How to use what you've got to realise your dreams."

  • Why do your readers come to your blog - For inspiration and motivation in creativity; and to learn how to sew things.

  • What do your readers get out of your blog - Free tutorials, inspiration and ideas, particularly regarding upcycling old clothes, and motivation to do things themselves!

Now it's your turn

So what is the focus of your blog?
If you aren't sure - take a look at your posts and see what recurring themes you can find.
The clearer your focus is, the clearer it will be to your readers.

Is the focus of your blog clear?  
Do you know exactly why you blog?
What you love doing and why you're sharing it?  
Please share what the focus of your blog is in the comments - I'd love to come and visit!


  1. Hey Jill! Stumbled upon your blog through a blog link party. I love all your upcycle tutorials!!! I am going through your 30 lessons in blogging.... I', trying to find what my blog focus is. It's a bit of everything life throughs at us I think. I've had it since 2011 and just trying to get serious about it. I'd like it to be a resource for things I am interested in and think others might be. My passion is Raw Foods and my family. I also like sharing about working at home online, and once I get this blogging thing down pat, I'd like to share about that also. I'd like my blog to be a source of income and I don't know how to start doing that.... I will continue with your lessons, thanks for posting :)
    My blog is called Ordinary Family Moments http://www.ordinaryfamilymoments.com/

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Keep at it with your blog. It's all about persistence and trying things out. Good luck narrowing down your focus, I believe that's a really important step!

  2. Hi Jill! I've had your round tuit on my blog for a long time. My general focus is what I am doing, mainly crafts. My interests change and I go back and forth from yarn to fabric to paint. I have decided I am a color and texture junkie. The only reason I blog is to keep track of myself. I have wondered what more I could do so have decided to go through your 30 lessons. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am at http://lindyslovelies.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lindy. I hope you find the lessons helpful!


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