Related Work and Income Sources - 30 Lessons In Blogging

So you want to make money blogging?  I've already mentioned Google Adsense, Blog Sponsors and Affiliate programmes, and Selling your creations; but you can also use your skills outside of your blog but in related areas to earn more income.

Freelance Writing

Earlier this year, I decided to try looking for some work freelance writing and blogging. I figured I was writing lots anyway, and maybe I could put some of that writing to use making some instant cash instead of just waiting for growth and profits on my blog. I have had moderate success with this, and now do a few writing jobs each month for a little extra cash. It's not much but every little helps.  I write the odd article for an environmental website and also do some copywriting work  - mostly found via the site Peopleperhour.

Writing for magazines

I know of several bloggers who have also written tutorials or articles for magazines. Personally I haven't done this - but I did find this great article with lots of links and suggestions of what to write and where to submit it. There are both online and hardcopy magazines that take submissions. 

Sponsored Posts

As a blogger you there are plenty of opportunities to receive free gifts and samples in return for writing a blog post about a product or service. 
I've done this for sewing and crafting supplies which has been great as it saves me purchasing things I would use anyway!
I've also done this on my other blog - Be Our Best for a couple of websites that offer kids educational programmes. We got to try the programmes for free in return for writing a review about them. 

 In all cases, I did not seek out these opportunities, the companies approached me via email.  I'm sure you can approach companies to offer your services in this respect, you don't have to wait for them to come to you!

Grab every opportunity!

I've had odd jobs offered to me here and there, through word of mouth and from people seeing my blog or my work. Not all is paid, some is fun but all of it helps me and my work be noticed - you never know what other opportunities may arise!

There are plenty of opportunities out there, it's just a matter of going out and finding them. Think about what your skills are. What do you do and use for your blog and could you contact larger blogs or companies to offer your services.  It's always worth asking and offering. You've really got nothing to lose and perhaps lots to gain in terms of financial gain, or exposure for your work or blog!

How about you?

Have you found any related work or income sources for your blog?
Do you think it's worth looking outside your blog - or do you prefer to focus on just building your own blog content?

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