Backing up your blog - 30 Lessons in Blogging

As with any work that is important, you should backup your blog in some way, just in case anything was to happen to it. It could be hacked and deleted; or if the stories you hear are true, Blogger could delete your blog with no notice if you do the wrong thing!

Blogger Backup

There is a lovely clear tutorial here that shows you have to download a complete backup of your Blogger blog. I just used it myself as I hadn't saved mine in a while.

There are plenty of posts out there about backing up your Wordpress blog - but I won't suggest any particular one since I haven't done that myself.

Other Backups

As I've mentioned before, my sewing tutorials are the biggest feature on my blog. I've created my own backups of these tutorials. I copied each one into a document and created a store of PDF versions of all of my tutorials which are stored both in a couple of different hard drives and storage USBs at home, plus they are all on Google Drive which gives you 15GB of free online storage.  I've only used a tiny fraction of this with all of my tutorials. You can also enable offline editing with Google Drive so that you can access these documents on your computer without having to access the internet.

I'm not concerned about losing my blog work.  If anything did ever happen to my blog, then I would start again with a new blog.
Creating my way to Success has grown and developed over 4 years in lots of different ways. The blog URL doesn't match the title of the blog, there are plenty posts that I've deleted over time, but they still show up on some of the widgets, and I'm sure there are many more small 'messy' aspects to my blog.

If I had to start again, then it would be an opportunity to do so armed with lots of knowledge and experience. A challenge to create and even bigger and better blog out of the ashes.

BUT - let's hope nothing like that happens and I shall continue to learn about and grow this blog!

How about you?

Have you ever done a backup of your blog?
Is is perhaps something you do regularly?
Have you ever heard of anyone losing their blog?


  1. Thanks. This post is such a good reminder . I've never backed it up and I have Blogger.. any suggestions what to use

  2. Sorry, the link you suggested is for Blogger. Thanks

    1. No worries Judee - hope the link helps, it's the one I used myself!

  3. I have multiple backups of everything!!! I would hate to have to start my blog again.

    1. I know Pam - so much work goes into a blog, it would be really tough to start over!


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