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Have you heard of The Green Bag Lady?
She's an amazing lady who started out this project in 2008, making bags and giving them to people in return for a promise that they would use them in place of plastic or paper bags when they go shopping.

She makes the bags, with help from other volunteers, known as Bagettes, using donated fabric and thread.  The bags are then given away worldwide through events, her website and Facebook page.

To date, over 25,000 of her bags have been given away and are being used around the world. If you visit her website you can see pictures taken and sent in by people who have received them in so many different countries worldwide.

What an amazing lady and project. Slowly helping to rid the world of evil plastic bags that pollute our environment, waterways and harm our wildlife.

So - inspired by this lady, I dived into my fabric stash and found a largish piece of pink princess fabric.
This fabric was bought as a remnant several years ago, and used for my daughters' roman blind. (you can read the story of that here!)

Then last year, things changed once again in our house and my girls have grown out of princesses so the roman blind was changed again to something more grown up!

So the princesses have been sitting in my fabric box ever since! Until yesterday.
I got them out, checked out the Green Bag Lady's bag pattern, and made 3 princess shopping bags:

They're basic tote bags, nice and sturdy, made with pre-loved fabric that has been given a second chance at life!

Why not make a tote yourself - I'm sure you if you sew, then have some fabric in your stash. The Green Bag Lady's pattern and video tutorial are really easy to follow. You could keep the bag for yourself, or pass it on to a friend!

Go on - help get rid of those nasty plastic shopping bags!!


  1. I'e been a good girl lately and using my fabric totes for shopping" Your totes look fabulous all together like that" I may have to make a bunch of princess or hello kitty bags for my groceries!!!! Everyone at the store would get a big kick out of itn Thx for showing!

    1. Thanks Julie! I get lots of comments on my flowery shopping bags - I'm sure princess or hello kitty would get much more attention! :)


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