Top 10 Blogging tips for Newbie Bloggers

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 Top 10 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers

1. Creating your own header
All you need for this is a picture that you want to represent your blog.  You can use photos, or create your own image, or a combination of both.
I have used the free online photo editing software Pixlr.  For my simple header I just created my own image - I think it was about 1200px wide by 300px high.  Make it larger than you need rather than smaller, as once you insert the image you can check the box to 'shrink to fit'.  Once you're happy with your image, then you save it as a jpeg onto your computer, then insert it into the configure header on your blogger : edit layout.

2. Making your own button with text box
I've used a few different instructions for this, and the best I've found so far are on ehow: click here!
Again I used Pixlr for my image, then saved it as a jpeg on my computer before uploading it into my photobucket account (also free to set up)

3. Don't be a no-reply comment blogger!
Early on when I started blogging, another blogger kindly pointed out that I was a 'no-reply comment blogger'.  This meant that when I left a comment on someone's blog, my email address wasn't available to them (not on their blog, but on their email) so they couldn't reply to my comment.  All I had to do to rectify this was go into your dashboard, click on edit profile, then check the box that says 'show my email address' then save!
NB - with the new Google+ Blogger profile, many people's accounts keep slipping back into 'no-reply' status. I check mine once a month and usually have to change it back. Go here to find how to do this!

4. Protect your photos
You may  want to protect your own photos from being copied.  To do this you can add a watermark of your blog name, your name, or whatever you wish. Picmarkr is one free site that allows you to upload your photos and add watermark, then save them back when you're done.

5. Add a clickable signature to your comments
When you leave a comment on someone else's blog, you can also add a clickable link back to your blog so people can easily find you!  To do this, just insert your details into this html code and copy and paste to the bottom of your comment: Replace your blog url in the pink part, and where it says your text here - type your blog title or what you want the text to say that people can click on!
You will also need to replace the { and }    with     < and >

{a href= }YOUR TEXT HERE {/a}

6. Adding a 'signature' to your blog posts
You can do this by creating a signature for free at My Live Signature.  You don't have to register - just click proceed and follow the prompts to create your own personal signature.  Then at the end click on use this signature, and create html.  Once you've got the html code, copy and paste it onto your blog at settings-formatting-post template. Now everytime you write a new post, this signature will appear in the text box you type in!

7. Thank people in advance for their comments
If you go to 'Settings' on your dashboard and click on 'comments' you can leave a 'comment form message' . This is what people will see above the box they type their comments into.  You can also put a note in here reminding people about the 'no-reply comment' thing (- see number 3 on this list)

8. Get the comments to pop up in a separate window
When someone clicks to leave you a comment - the whole page refreshes to give them the box to type into.  If you want a new window to open for their comment, so they don't go away from your blog page, then go into settings - comments, and click on 'pop up window' in comment form placement. Save and you're done!

9. Disclaimer
It is important to have a disclaimer on your blog so people don't then blame you if things go wrong after they follow something you said!  I used the instructions on ehow (click here) once again to write mine, and have added it in a widget at the bottom of my blog so it's visible on every page.

10. Linky parties
For crafty blogs, I have found that joining in linky parties is a great way to get your work out there and to meet other similar bloggers.  I have a full list of linky parties you can join day by day -
 just go here to my linky party page!

I hope you've found some of this useful! I'm no expert, but I have learnt a lot long the way - thanks to all the useful tutorials and very helpful bloggers out there! So here is way of 'paying it forward'!

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