Creativity Tests - do you use your right or left brain more?

A bit of fun this week, with some creative tests!!

Creativity comes from the right brain and logic from the left.
This week I found some 'tests' you can take to see whether you use your right or left brain more, and see how creative you really are!

One test, which only tooks a couple of minutes was a
Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity test

My results were as follows:

So I'm more logical than creative!
But I do like the choice of possible jobs there.....skating judge??

Really these videos and short tests show that for whatever reason, there are obvious answers to simple questions that the majority of people give.   For me - the first things that popped into my head were the obvious answers that the majority of people give, but I do WANT to give different and creative answers, so when I thought about it I could and did.

So from these fun tests, I would say that I'm not naturally creative, but I can push myself and choose to be so if I want!

Here's one final test to see if you use your right (creative side) or left (logical side) brain more...

 (spinning dancer by Nobuyuki Kayahara)

Apparently if you see her spinning 
clockwise, you use your right brain more,
anti-clockwise you use your left brain more.

According to this test - I use my right brain more!!
Who hooo! there's a test that says I'm creative! I like this one!

I used to be able to see her spin both ways - when I first saw this test a couple of years ago, but seem to have forgotten how to do it...

Which way does the lady spin for you??


  1. Clockwise for me, can't make her go the other way at all!!


    1. Ha - I've found a better video (replaced the one on the post) and now I can make her spin either way. If you close your eyes and picture her spinning the other way then focus on her feet and the shadow when you open your eyes she spins the other way! It works for me anyway!

  2. I'm 57% right-brained according to the first test. Possible occupations for people like me are: forest ranger, athlete, beautician, actor/actress, craftsman, and artist! What fun Jill! Ha haa!

    1. Great selection of jobs there Michele! :)

  3. I used to be able to make her spin both ways too Jill but now she's firmly anti-clockwise. I once did a really in-depth career quiz (about 200 questions) when I was looking at changing jobs and an hour and a half later it told me my ideal career was the one I was thinking of leaving. How frustrating!

    These things do change as you focus on different things in life. You can train your brain to work in different ways. It seems like alot of hard work to me. I'm quite happy with the way my brain works.

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

    1. Oh Sara - that must have been so frustrating when you did that career test!

  4. First glance, I saw her spinning clockwise. When I looked for a second quick glance, she was spinning counterclockwise. Could be because when I was young I was left-handed but as I became older and attended school (long time ago) my teachers converted me to right-handedness.

    1. Oh now that's an interesting thought and question! I wonder if that did make a difference for you?

  5. Once I get her to change directions the first time, I see her changing direction frequently

  6. When she's rotating clockwise, her right leg is stretched forward. When she is rotating counter-clockwise, her left leg if stretched forward. I doubt if it's the side of the brain that determines the direction of her rotation or simply the animation is made in a way that the direction changes in random time spans.


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