Friday, September 21, 2012

Just do it - DONE!

Sorry - not the most exciting photo to show how I've finished decluttering and organising my house, but things are very busy just now with the end of school term here today - and my youngest daughter's athletics carnival!
The picture is of one side of a set of hanging pockets I made to sit under our printer.  This side is now a convenient place to tuck the printer and hard drive cables when not in use with the computer! Simple but much tidier!

Anyway - my 10 week plan to declutter and tidy my house is more or less finished now after just 5 weeks!
I'm proud of myself of getting around to so many little jobs and tasks - some of which have been waiting for literally years!

I'm now enjoying walking around our lovely tidy house and peeking in cupboards and drawers to see how tidy and organised things are! Everything now has a place - instead of things being piled high on top of everything - everywhere!
(Gosh I make my house sound terrible don't I?)  But the difference is amazing!

The past 5 weeks have helped not only clear my house - but also my head. My blog has been neglected somewhat, but I've had a chance by stepping back to come up with some fresh ideas and am ready to come back to it with renewed vigor!!

First up will be organising my sewing desk - my last decluttering task. I've lots of sewing and making to do for this and will get my girls to help me in the second week of their school holidays!  A few storage ideas and tutorials to come!! 

However - I have one last week before that!
We're off camping for a few days which will be lovely - we're  going to visit some 'Lava Tube Caves' nearby and a few other places too!
I'll share some photos when I get back!

Thanks for sticking with me through my de-clutter weeks!
I'll be back soon with more Creating to Success!!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. That's a fantastic idea for unused cables. Hope you have a great time camping this week. Have fun :)


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