New dresses in my creative space

 This week I've decided to make a start on some fixing and altering - things that have needed doing for a LONG time!
And as result I now have 5 new dresses!!!
Here's one...

At home, I love to wear these simple cotton dresses. They're cool and comfortable. I have lots of them - but still couldn't resist buying a few more on our family holiday to Bali last year!

At just around $3 each, they're such a bargain - and of course are 'one size fits all' so I didn't try them all on!

Unfortunately when I got home there were 3 that just didn't fit! So they got added to another 2 dresses which didn't fit (a friend had got me them a year earlier on her holiday to Bali)

So - 5 new pretty dresses, sitting in a cupboard for months and months, waiting......waiting....waiting to be altered!!

This week I finally got a round tuit!

Here's the dresses I altered!

Two of them were too baggy - so I just took them in at the sides a little, using another dress as a size guide:

The other 3 were just too tight under the arm, so I cut the seam open and made it a little wider!

Ta Da!

A little creased after all that time waiting in the cupboard - but at least now I can iron it and wear it!!

I sew almost every day - making things, creating new patterns etc, but these little fixing and mending jobs, although simple, easy and quick,  always seem to get left undone!!

Do you have jobs like this that you leave and leave and leave???

One of my new years resolutions this year was to get things like this done!
Almost half way through the year now - but hey! at least I've made a start!!


  1. I do that as well, I have just, yet again, worked through my fix/alter it pile after swearing the last time that I wouldn't let it build up again :)


  2. Great dresses! I'm terrible when it comes to mending/fixing jobs.

  3. I am the greatest procrastinator there is when it comes to mending things. Lovely dresses and good fixes!

  4. You look absolutely fabulous dear!

  5. Gosh, I'm the same way! I drive myself batty... Your dresses are SO cute! I know you'll get a lot of wear out of them...

  6. I do have jobs like this, sitting in a basket next to the sewing machine, peeking reproachfully over the edge at me...

  7. I'm not overly keen on mending, so it usually take a while to get to them. Feels good when I do get them done, though. Perfect little dresses for your hot weather up there.

  8. Thanks for the push. I definitely need to do some mending and altering! It is just piled up. Guess I better get to it! Ha


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