Goodbye dolls!

My daughters are growing up, and growing out of things.
They've decided that they no longer want their Barbie and Bratz dolls and so they've been packed into a bag together with all their clothes and accessories and are waiting by the door to be taken to a new home.

I have to say it is a little sad to see them go.
Last year, we did have some fun together when they helped me out with some sewing and DIY!

They helped to make themselves a whole camping set - complete with tent, car and sleeping bags!

Go here if you'd like to see them in action!

They also had a sew-off between the Barbies and Bratz - to see who could make the best cushions!

So, farewell ladies! We had some fun times - and I'm sure you'll have lots more with your new owners!


  1. Oh how sad!! I felt this way when the girls outgrew their dress up clothing. Sniff!
    Now they dress up for real...proms!! Ha

    1. Oh that's funny they dress up 'for real' now!!
      Every stage is sad but at the same time amazing and exciting as the kids grow I think! Just happens so fast!

  2. Oh! They are so adorable! Pls add me in the waiting list when you have some girl;s toys to giveaway! My girls will love to have it!

    1. Oh I wish postage was cheaper and I'd send you a truck load!!


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