Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creating Success around the World - Chandika of PomPomPoppy

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Today's guest is Chandika of Pom Pom Poppy
    in Melbourne, Australia

·What do you create? 
            I create a range of beautiful handmade fabric flowers. I use different fabrics such as organza, chiffon, cotton, satin and felt along with colourful beads to create bib necklaces, brooches, hair clips and hair bands for any occasion My best seller is my flower bib necklaces; I just love to combine various colours and textures and there is never a time where I don’t receive a compliment when wearing one!
·Why do you create?
            My new venture is my creative outlet after a my “9-5 office day job”. I enjoy being able to express my love for colours and beautiful, delicate flowers into something I’ve made by hand transform into something special for everyday wear . In a world where mass consumption of accessories is produced, sold and worn, it’s nice to create something unique that can definitely set you apart from the next person. It’s amazing and humbling when I see people admiring and wearing my creations!

·Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?
            I started my little venture late last year and have sold at craft markets. I find this is more successful than my online store on Made It, as customers are able to look, touch and try on any flower they wish! This year my goal is to try and create a heap of new flowers to keep my product range as fresh and new as possible. I welcome any custom orders and thoroughly enjoy doing these, as I am able to work with the customer closely to create a special product suited to their preferences.

·What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?
            I feel that selecting the right market is important. Last year I was trying to get my name out there for product exposure, except I chose a few markets that didn’t suit my product. As much as I love doing markets and interacting with market goers, I will be visiting the market before I submit an application! My other lesson I’ve learnt from fellow crafters in the business is pricing. I still think it’s a very sensitive topic; am I pricing too low provided the labour time it took to make it? Is it a reasonable price and what are similar makers charging for their creations?

·What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?
            Success for me is to be able to grow this little venture into a profitable business so I can do what I love everyday for a living! I am a long way from it, but am enjoying the journey !

·So what's next?
            I will continue to sell my flowers at craft markets to gain greater exposure and continue to develop my flowers. My next goal is to sell my creations at boutiques and galleries that support handmade creations.


Thanks Chandika for your lovely answers - and for sharing your beautiful work with us! We wish you all the best in your business!
Do go and say hi to Chandika at her facebook page and check out more of her wonderful creations!

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  1. Great interview and those flowers are delicious!

  2. Very pretty headbands. She does great work!


  3. wow pretty and cute! thanks for introducing chandika to us! off to check her blog. have linked up my VDay gifts this year! handmade gifts are so special isn't it!

  4. Wonderful, I love these beautiful creations with this form of flower, very sweet. Greetings.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks heaps for the lovely comments :). Such a nice motivator to continue creating even more pretty handmade acessories! - Chandika


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