Using what I've got and a new challenge

One of my New Year's Resolutions or goals is to make use of  the things I have in the house. In doing so I'll see what I really need and want and will gradually organise and declutter my house.

This week I started by looking at my laundry:

I know - pretty scary!  We don't have a lot of space and this is tucked into a corner of the kitchen. Ultimately I want a concertina door across it to hide it away - but it's not in the budget yet!

Anyway - There's lots to be done here - but I at least made a start this week on making it easier for my 2 daughters to help with the cleaning!!  (yes, I've got my priorities right!)
They have started doing small chores for their pocket money and extra cash. They wipe surfaces with a damp cloth - and they also like cleaning the bathroom! (long may that continue!!)
Anyway - that's all well and good, but they can't reach the cloths themselves so I have to get everything for them.  Time to remedy that so they can do it all themselves!!

I found and old 'bag for bags' that my mum made me years ago, the elastic stretched and it's been folded up unused for years now!
I set to work replacing the elastic to make it a useable stuff bag again:

Then I stuffed it full of old cloths - which are lots of old t-shirts reused!

Then I hung the bag - together with the girls' own pink and white rubber gloves, low by the laundry sink so they can reach! 
That orange spray bottle you can see on the right is also now within reach - and filled with white vinegar so safe for the girls to use by themselves for cleaning!

This may not seem like a very exciting project - but anything that makes it easier for my kids to help out in the house is exciting to me!
(and my kids like it because they feel more independent and grown up!)

As to the rest of the laundry - well little by little I'll spruce it up to make it look better, since hiding it behind a door isn't happening any time soon!

So that's my organisation at least started!


  1. You go Jill
    i too have recently returned to using vinegar and water for my cleaning,no more headaches from the fumes of disgusting chemicals.My daughter stopped cleaning the bathroom because of this.In fact i think the bathroom sparkles more.

  2. I'm a new follower from the blog hop. This is such a great idea, using what you have. I wish I were more creative. I lack the focus and talent to make beautiful things from stuff I have around my house. Look forward to reading more posts!! followed you on google, fb, twitter.

  3. Maybe you could make a curtain to cover the laundry. A lot cheaper than the concertina doors, and you could probably make it semi-temporary so that when you do get the concertina doors, the curtains are easy to remove.


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