Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Valuable lessons and tips learnt from Creating Success around the World

Every Wednesday now this year I've been featuring some amazing crafters and bloggers and getting their ideas and opinions on how to use creativity to gain success!

Since July this has been a global event with other bloggers on different continents hosting and promoting some amazing creativity and talent in all corners of the globe!

I love 'travelling' around many different countries each week, meeting new people - both those interviewed and those who link up in the blog hop!

I once read something to the effect of:

"You never live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself,  so you need to learn from others"

We're all learning  and growing all of the time - and the internet is a brilliant tool to use to help each other in this sense and share our knowledge and experiences.

So here's a few quotes from my guests so far in Creating Success around the World:

"do not pay for advertising without doing research first. Before parting your hard earned dollars (or rather your not-yet-earned dollars) always read up as much about the person/shop/blog/website offering the advertising and see if it fits to your target market. Otherwise you may as well give money to charity. " - Cassie at Rainbow Lollies

"I use my blog (which is still in it's infancy) as a sort of a journal where I go over my mistakes and learn from them as well as sharing my successes. I have found that people appreciate the honest and good humoured approach" - Erin from Mrs Monkei Jewellery

It is very easy to get distracted by stats and what is successful or popular for other designers. Go with your heart and create what you love and love what you create and all else will follow.  - Toni at The Red Boot Quilt Company

"I think the best lesson I have learned is not to try and make things based on what you think will sell but find something you love and spend the time to create it well and the rest will come together!"- Thouraya at Amelie and Atticus

"don't try and do too much too soon. It just leads to burnout!" - Kat from Diary of a Flutter Kat

"I’m a firm believer in the fact that there’s no such thing as a mistake, because lessons are learnt in so many different ways." -  Michelle at Threefold Designs
And finally from Michelle of Pink Paper Paradise:
Good quality photos really do make a difference.
Increased blog traffic is achieved through lots of effort but lost with none. Meaning that if you dont put the effort in to posting regularly on your blog the traffic you have built up dries up very quickly.
Be organised and get ahead on your project as often as you can and schedule your posts because life is prone to getting in the way of your blogging plans (especially if you have young children).
This week's Creating Success around the World can be found here.
Do come and take a look - travel around to visit the links - and add your own blog to the hop so others can find you too!
None of us would be where we are today without sharing knowledge and helping each other- what a great community the blog world has!
Thank you to everyone for contributing to it!
If you would like to be the featured crafter one week on this Creating Success around the World hop - then leave a comment, email me or contact one of the other hosts! We're always happy to find and promote more talent and craftiness!

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  1. Reading through your learnings has taught me a few new things as well - thanks Jill! Also thanks for the quote :) Very happy to see my ramblings made a bit of sense!!


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