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Creating Success around the World - Cassie from Rainbow Lollies

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Today's guest is Cassie from Rainbow Lollies who is based in 
Melbourne, Australia

 My name is Cassie. I am a wife, mum, works part time as a Payroll Officer and loves to craft. When I was young I remember making paper dolls, creating paper board games and sewing scrunchies for my hair. I also wrote a book on animal stories and drew pictures for it. Then came the teenage years where I pursue other hobbies and ambitions. It was a long spell from my teenage years until recently when I made a simple teddy bear softie out of fleece material and rediscovered the joy of handmade. There is always a different feeling when it comes to receiving a handmade gift. It makes me feel touched that the person took the time to create something unique and special. 

Fast forward to today... I am the owner / designer of Rainbow Lollies, a handmade gifts store on Madeit ( and also a craft supplies store on Craftumi ( I create fun colourful jewellery, cufflinks and felt accessories. Everything you see in my Madeit shop was created by me. I also accept custom orders and do wholesale. Feel free to contact me through either one of my shops if you have any questions.

I started selling online about a year ago. I wouldn't say that it is a success (yet) as I treat it more like a hobby than a full time business (Too much on my plate at the moment!). I will love to make this my full time job and I have plans to work hard towards this goal next year. At first I told myself (when I listed my first item on Madeit) to give it a go for 1 year and see if it will work. Well I have my share of ups and downs. Made a lot of mistakes (like any newbie) and learned the hard way. One mistake which I quickly learned was do not pay for advertising without doing research first. Before parting your hard earned dollars (or rather your not-yet-earned dollars) always read up as much about the person/shop/blog/website offering the advertising and see if it fits to your target market. Otherwise you may as well give money to charity. 

Now that my crafty business is a year older, I am looking into other ways to expand my portfolio. One advice I will give is to people starting out is that nothing comes easy and you have to be prepared to work hard. Customer service is very important. Always thank the customer for their purchase (I usually send an e-mail / message immediately or at least within 24 hours) and when I pack their order, I include a handwritten thank you note. I feel that it gives it a more personal touch compared to buying from a retail outlet. I mean that's the point of buying handmade right? To support an individual and to know that your item is not made in a sweatshop.

I am nowhere near my definition of success. Success to me is averaging a few sales a day with minimal promotion. Pretty ambitions, right? Not sure if I can achieve that but I know that I will try my hardest to get there. I currently promote my items and chat about life on Twitter (, Facebook ( and about to start my own blog ( Do follow and like me when you get the chance. I promise not to spam you (you get enough of that in your Inbox from people wanting to leave you a billion dollars) and hope that you will get to know me as the person behind the craft.

Ok enough about me. I hope that you have enjoyed (or at least not nodding off) reading my little story. I am not someone rich or famous but just a regular mum who is trying to do what she loves. Hopefully this has inspired you in some way to support the handmade community.

Have a happy handmade life!
xx Cassie


Thanks Cassie for your insightful thoughts on selling handmade! 
 Do go and have a look at The Rainbow Lollies shop - there's so many pretty things there - some great ideas for Christmas presents!

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  1. Hi Jill, thank you for letting me be a part of your blog hop.
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