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Creating Success around the World - featuring Michelle Walker

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This week's guest is Michelle from Michelle Walker Designs in
Wynyard, Tasmania  in  Australia
Thankyou Jill for  this opportunity.
  • What do you create?
 Personally my two main passions are sewing and design. Design encompasses so many genre: painting, drawing, digital images and permaculture.
  • Why do you create?
I have the need to create. I have always felt it. I only create for others with commissions orders, i mostly create for myself. This makes my designs very personal to my tastes. Perhaps this is why i don't sell bundles of work..but i would rather do what i feel is right than to try to make something that is just like everyone else's work.

    • Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?
    Yes i currently sell some of my sewing on Madeit and at the market Made with Love. In my studios i have piles of art works i would love to unload but i find i don't have the time to be pushing the product enough to sell. Check out my blog and on the page original art works, most of which you can see is sitting gathering dust at my house....perhaps the family might get them for next Christmas hee hee.  Its nice to clean out stock as i find i need to clear the old design ideas away before i can progress towards my next project. Making space for the new is a great way to take the next step. I guess this is the reason i sell. Its obviously not for great profit, while i do fine at the market i would hate to depend upon it to support my family. Designing should never be about profit but a bonus if it happens. How nice would it be to get to quit my day job to design...i guess we all have this dream and very few of us get to experience it.

      • What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?
      I learn the hard way. My gung-ho attitude always gets me in trouble. While its a great "no fear" way of creating but jumping in with both feet can sometimes go terribly wrong. This is how I learn, I just hope that I haven't got too far into a project before i realise and have to turn back or start again.
        • What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success? Even top designers would never consider themselves to  achieve success, they are never satisfied with their creations. Some of my completed projects that i think are a success i can barely look at three months later. The mistakes come out of the shadows and all i can see are changes i would like to make. This is partly because as a designer you are constantly changing your ideas and techniques, what you would do one day you would not to the next.  I don't think i will ever be successful in a modern context but i am happy creating and i couldn't go a day without doing it. Success is just a possible by-product of creating.  If other people enjoy what i do and come along for the ride then that is success and therefore happiness with your craft. I guess its always nice when other people get what you do.

        Thanks Michelle!  Do go and visit Michelle over at her blog!

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