Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Zip Coin Purse Tutorial

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Are you feeling creative today? Love sewing but scared of zippers? Me, too! But I've got an easy way to add a zipper to a coin purse that you'll love. This coin purse is little - and cute - but you could use this method to make a bigger bag or pouch. Just adjust your zipper size and your fabric pieces to create a pencil case, make-up pouch, nappy carrier or kids activity case. Let's get started...

What you will need:

  • zipper - mine is 3" which means that with the fabric sides it is 4" long (10cm)
  • two rectangles of fabric - mine are 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.5cm)
  • two rectangles of wool batting or pellon - 3.5" x 2.5" (ie half an inch less than the dimensions of your other rectangles) (9cm x 6.5cm)
  • usual sewing supplies - machine, thread, pins, etc

Step 1:

Lay your batting or pellon on the wrong wide of your fabric pieces and iron to help hold in place. Add a pin to keep it there as you start sewing. You could use iron-on pellon which will stay in place without the pin.

Step 2:

Now for some simple quilting. This is going to hold the batting in place and give a little decoration. You could do any pattern you like, but mine was down one edge, across the bottom a little, then back up parallel to the first line. Keep going across the fabric until you've covered it. My lines are about a centimetre apart. Do that on both rectangles, then iron them.

Step 3:

Trim the edges that will join to the zipper with pinking shears to stop fraying. (You could zigzag stitch them if you don't have pinking shears.) Then pin the zip on the right side of one rectangle as shown above. The right side of the zip should be against the right side of the fabric. There may be a little overhang on each end of the zip - that's fine.

Step 4:

With your zipper foot on your machine, start stitching from one end of the zip. When you get to about half way, stop with the needle down in the fabric.

Step 5:

Lift the presser foot (leaving the needle down) and carefully open the zip up. Make sure the zipper pull is now behind the presser foot then finish sewing down that side of the zip.

Step 6:

Close the zip up again while you align and pin it to the right side of the second rectangle. Make sure the edges of the two rectangles are going to match up. Pin it in place then open up the zip again - it will be easier without the zipper pull where you want to start sewing. Stitch down that side of the zip, stopping halfway with the needle down. Carefully close the zip and finish sewing the zip in.

Step 7:

Make sure your zip is open before you do this next step. Line up the bottom of the two rectangles, right sides together, and pin. Also pin the zipper ends carefully. See in the picture how I've laid the zip flat with the top edges together.

Step 8:

Starting at the top right, stitch around the three sides of your rectangles. Trim the seams with pinking shears which will also trim the excess ends off your zipper. (Again zigzag on the seams would work too, and then clip the corners so they sit flat when turned.) Turn through and use a knitting needle to push the corners through nicely. Iron and you're done!

Thanks again for having me. Jill. Please pop over and say "Hi" at The Crafty Mummy.


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