Friday, December 26, 2014

Meet Mitch the turtle!

Meet Mitch the Turtle!

He arrived at our house a few days ago from the WWF.
Through the sales of my new ebook of eco-friendly shopping bag patterns and tutorials I am now sponsoring a turtle through the WWF with a monthly donation.
$1 from each of my ebooks sold contributes towards this.

Mitch also brought with him this rather cool fold up shopping bag:

Upcycled from old plastic bottles !

I decided to call him Mitch thanks to the suggestion of a good friend. I few days ago here in Cairns, 6 turtles were rescued from being tangled in a ghost net off the coast by a Customs Boat. You can read the story here. The customs boat was called The Dame Roma Mitchell, so I took the name Mitch from that as it seemed a good fit! Thanks Michelle for your great naming suggestion!

 I wanted to once again thank those who have already bought my e-book and so contributed towards sponsoring this endangered animal and so helping to ensure their survival.

If you would like to purchase a copy of my e-book for just the cost of a cup of coffee - click here!

Thanks for your support.

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