Using Google +, 30 Lessons in Blogging

With only Facebook having more active uses in terms of social media, Google+ is a platform not to be ignored to help grow your blog and build a community and audience.

Google+ Basics

Just over a year ago, I looked into how I could be making more of Google + . I read some tips and tricks articles on how to make your posts look better and how to get more followers, claim Google Authorship. There's some great information there if you're just starting out on Google +.
You can read that post here.

Since then, I've made my posts there all look pretty, and joined some communities. I now have over 1600 followers on Google +, and my profile has been viewed almost 20 million times!!! Now to me that number is mind-blowing and exciting to think of all those potential visitors to my blog!

What should you post or share?

I post all my own blog posts to Google +, adding my tutorials to various communities as well.  This does bring me traffic to the blog, The +1 buttons on websites or on each post on Google+ itself is kind of like the 'like' on Facebook. Unlike Facebook - we get to see all posts, not just selected ones! I also +1, comment on and share posts that I like, but with no real 'plan'. Looking back over my posts I can see there are some types of things that get more interaction than others. In particular, clothes upcycling and motivation quotes, which fits with my blog theme.

With social media, there is a lot of information out there about what you should post. There are ratios and rules to follow, the 5-3-2 option, the 4-1-1, or should you follow the 'rule of thirds'?

What it boils down to, is that the larger number of posts should be content from others, building your 'brand' - what you are all about; then a much smaller percentage should be your own posts and work, and finally a little bit of sales or promotion or your personal stuff.

My plan from now

Since Google+ is already providing traffic to my blog, and is clearly a large player in the social media field, I've started making a concerted and consistent effort to try out this kind of 'ratio posting plan'.
I've always used social media as something 'social' - linking my own posts, but just browsing, commenting and sharing as and when I have time or the desire.

Now I'm going to try and see it from a 'business' point of view and see what difference I can make by being more organised and purposeful with my use and posting on Google+.

I shall post updates to share my experiences and try to record carefully what I'm doing to try to measure the effectiveness of my efforts!

How about you?

Do you use Google+? 
Do you have a plan as to what you post and when? 
Have you had much success with it?


  1. Hi Jill, I do have almost four million views on Google+. I only post what I've posted on my other two blogs. My question is: What do you mean by "the larger number of posts should be content from others" Thanks!

    1. Hi Lynda

      By by "the larger number of posts should be content from others" I mean that the content you share should be other peoples posts and work rather than posts from your own blog. So the things you share should reflect the 'theme' or 'topic' of your blog but it needs to be so much more than just your own blog content. If all you shared was your own work, then it's really no different to your blog itself. Social media is just that - 'social' - all about your theme rather than all about you. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Like almost all things Google I get frustrated with Google+ and haven't been using it at all. I tried to when they first introduced it but it interfered with my Blogger account of all things (another Google platform) so I just walked away. Plus after awhile I just felt like I was trying to juggle too many puzzle pieces and this was one piece I wouldn't miss. I see now that I may have misjudged it.

    1. I know what you mean about too many puzzle pieces. And Google + does the same to me - my blogger profile keeps slipping into no reply so my email doesn't show up on comments. I check it every couple of weeks and have to change it back lots. Still despite all of this, I couldn't ignore the figures once I saw how many people are actively using Google+ and finding my blog through it!


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