Useful html for your blog - 30 Lessons in Blogging

Although Blogger is very simple to use and has great templates for you to just type in your posts and add photos, I've still found over the years that I've learned little bits of html coding to help add other elements to my blog.

I thought I would share the links to the few posts I've written about these elements - so others can benefit from them too and add that little extra to a blog. The first two are very simple,and the second two are more technical but just have blocks of code you can copy and paste then just add in your own urls.

I use this lots and this is how I created my tutorials page galleries (see an example page here)

I have this for my blog sponsors. It means that each sponsor gets equal time in the top spots and the ads randomly rotate each time the page is loaded. You can see it in action if you look straight across to the right sidebar now (if you refresh the page, the three button ads should appear in a different order).

Well that's it - 30 Lessons in Blogging. I don't claim this to be anything more than me sharing the things I've learned over 4 years of blogging. 
My blog is still relatively small but there is a lot of knowledge and learning in it and I'm happy to share that with others, just as so many bloggers have helped me reach where I am now.

I do hope you have enjoyed this series and gained something from it. I've certainly enjoyed writing it.

As of tomorrow, I'll have a '30 Lessons in Blogging" page set up on this blog with all the lessons laid out and easy to click through to making it an easily accessible resource for all.

Thanks for reading and do tell others about it, if you think they'd enjoy or benefit from the lessons too.

I will continue to post about things as I learn over the coming weeks and months. This series as given me an added incentive and kickstart to continue learning further to make my blog bigger and better than ever!

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