Selling your creations - 30 Lessons in Blogging

If you make things, then an obvious income source for you is to sell your creations.  You can do this through your blog, or use your blog to promote your shop or market stall.

This is a topic I'm not so hot on. Selling isn't my strong point but is definitely something I should work on. I have tried selling both at markets and online, with a little success. So I'll share what I have learned.

Online markets and sales

The biggest and best known online market place is Etsy.
Here in Australia we have our own version - Madeit
DaWanda is another online marketplace. Their office is based in Germany.

You can also choose to sell things on your own blog or website and use something like e-junkie. I signed up for that when I was selling some tutorials for a while. For a flat $5 I could list up to 10 items and sell unlimited numbers of them.  It is a great service that allows you to add 'buy now' and 'add to cart' buttons to your site, takes care of the payments for you, and as I was selling PDF tutorials, it was all set up automatically so when someone bought a tutorial, it would automatically be made available for download to them when they had paid. It was very easy to use and I'd definitely recommend them and use them again myself.

My own selling experiences

I started out making and selling things a few years ago. The first things I made were baby play mats - with applique pictures on and lots of different textured fabrics:

I mostly made them for friends as gifts when they had new babies - but via word of mouth sold quite a few.
A little later I started selling things on a market stall with a friend.  I managed to cover my costs but not much more - I looked forward to market day as a chance to catch up with my friend more than anything!
I love making things, but setting up the market stall to look nice and sitting back was my extent of selling! Not very pro-active.

I've had both an etsy and a madeit shop but not sold anything through them. Again I set them up but never promoted them.

I also had a few tutorials up for sale for a while - but never sold many of them, and eventually changed them to free tutorials, adding them to my 100+ Free Sewing Tutorials here on the blog.

Earlier this year I helped my girls set up their own Junior Madeit shop selling upcycled denim inspirational bag tags.

 They've had a few sales - already more successful than me!! I promoted their shop on my blog. I find it easier to promote other people's sales than my own!!

I do currently have a madeit shop of my own which has a few items in, but haven't yet got around to promoting it or really working on it.

My plan

I'm slowly building up a stock of handmade items for sale, and I plan to take some time to revamp my shop or open one on Etsy - but only when I feel I have time to dedicate to it.

As with everything else I've learned with blogging and working online, 

the key is to learn and be persistent and consistent with your actions.

So this is a post that I will return to later in the year once I've spent time learning about selling my creations on line and promoting my shop!

I'm also working on a detailed tutorial / ebook  just now that I hope to release for sale soon. I'm working hard to make it real value for money and something that I myself would buy.  I'm going to research and learn about selling before it gets released, so hopefully after that I'll be able to share more useful information about selling your own creations!

How about you?

Do you sell your own creations - either through your blog or another market place?
How do you promote your sales?


  1. Hey Jill,

    I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your 30 lessons in blogging. I am trying to learn more about the business side of blogging and find out what I can do with my blog. I feel pretty overwhelmed most of the time. I have an Etsy shop with a couple of sales. I wish you luck with your MadeIt shop. I will be back to see how it goes. :-)

    Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. It is very overwhelming when you start to look at the business side of blogging. When I first decided to update what I'd learned about blogging, I wrote down topics and realised it would take a month to get through just the basic aspects! It would be hugely time consuming to do everything, but then it's hard to know what aspects to focus on!! I think it is time I focussed a bit on selling though - I often get comments from people who like what I make and they say, "Oh you must sell so much!", erm no! But maybe I should be!! :)


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