Partnerships and Projects with other Bloggers - 30 Lessons in Blogging

One way to get greater exposure for your blog - and create new blog friendships is to work with other bloggers on joint projects.
I've done this a few times with varying success and lots of learning!

Linky Parties

Many of the linky parties that are around are hosted by several different bloggers at the same time across all of their blogs. This means the linky is exposed to all the readers of all the blogs - and you can see this reflected in the number of links.  I have had people ask me if I'd like to have co-hosts for my own 
Round Tuit linky party but I'm happy to just keep that as my own.
To work with others may get more links to your party, but not necessarily more visits to your blog. People are linking up through different blogs - then visiting the links. There is little incentive for them to visit the other linky hosts.  I don't see this as being a way to bring more traffic to your blog.

Special Occasions

A couple of years ago I joined with 4 other bloggers to run a Christmas series.  We had a Christmas linky party ongoing for 4 weeks and every day a different project was highlighted on one of our blogs. All the hosts also featured each other on their blogs - and linked to each other to showcase all the features.
This worked well as we all did different things and at different times so each day was a different blog to focus on and send all the traffic to.  It did take a lot of organising for who would be posting what on which days, but if you get a good group of people who are reliable and communicate well, this can be a great way to team up with others.

Creating Success Around the World

This was a project I set up a few years ago that ran for a long time but never really took off.  I love the fact that bloggers are found all over the world and we are all connected by our interests and crafts.  I wanted to highlight this by having a weekly linky party hosted by one blogger on each continent. The idea was that each week we would feature a different blogger and what they made, showing a map too of where in the world they were. Then other creative blogs from around the world could link up and we'd all discover new worldwide blogs and friends.
There were some wonderful bloggers joined me in hosting over the couple of years this ran, and we did succeed in showcasing lots of bloggers and crafters from around the world.
In the end it was more work than it was worth.
It was sometimes hard to find people to feature each week, organise them to answer some questions and send some pictures, and to get it all done on a schedule.
Then there was co-ordinating with all the other hosts to send them the post too and schedule the times in different zones around the world.
If you're interested - I have a page here with links to some of the features we ran.

What I've learned

Partnerships with other bloggers can be both fun and beneficial to your blogs, but you have to remember these key points

  • All bloggers involved need to communicate well and be reliable in terms of sending info and posts through in good time, and publishing posts on time.

  • If your aim is increased traffic, then there needs to be an incentive to visit the other hosts' blogs. For example take turns posting things and link to the other blogs - or each host can post a follow on post from the other - part 1, 2. 3... etc.

  • You need to have a purpose to working together - a special occasion or season perhaps.

  • Be aware of time differences - blogs can be found all over the world, and for you Tuesday morning, might be Wednesday night for someone else!

How about you?

Have you ever worked with other bloggers?
What have you found worked or didn't work?

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